Friday, January 20, 2006

Learn how to sell wine

The Internet has changed the landscape for so many industries. This is especially true for the wine market. The keys to selling wine you own are the conditions of the bottle, how was it stored, is it age worthy with possible upside and the price you are asking.

The best wines in the world all have one thing in common. They can be held for long periods of time. "Long" is subjective and will be different with each varietal. The wines that are in high price demand by collectors include:

· Top growth Bordeaux

· Vintage Port Wine

· Fine Italian Wine

· Barolo

· Brunello

· Amarone

Winecommune is good places to not only list your wine to sell, but get a gauge on the current prices for the wines you are considering to list. A good place to go is on wine message boards. Most of these boards have a buying and selling section. They are free to join and you should become an active poster to gain the trust of the other members. Members sell to each other and there is no transaction fee as it is all done privately.

Much of the wine sold online is in "Cult" or hard-to-get Wines. Wineries such as Screaming Eagle, Bryant Family and Harlan can sell for 2-3 times above their original bottle cost.

Properly storing wine, not only for the seller - but for the buyer is a key. There are many affordable temperature controlled storage units available up to high end wine cabinets. All in all, selling wine can be a profitable hobby. Having a true passion for wine will only help in your success. Don't treat it as just dollars and cents.


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